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Wiha is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hand tools for professional use in trade and industry. Founded over 80 years ago as a small family run business, today, Wiha is a globally active company, still owner-operated by the Hahn family.

Wiha produce high quality hand tools for all needs.

Whether you are an electrician, carpenter, builder or bike enthusiast you will be impressed by the quality, comfort and long-lasting nature of their tools. 

At Premium Tools, we search globally for well crafted, highly innovative tool brands that make the lives of Tradies across Australia and New Zealand easier.  We do not compromise on quality. We bring the best tools in the world to your doorstep.

That is why we have partnered with Wiha to be the main importer of their product range, meaning you can access exclusive Wiha products on our website and nowhere else.

Top Wiha TOOLS Products

Quality materials, precision engineering & unapparelled longevity.
These Wiha products are a staple for a reason.

28pc Backpack Toolkit for Electricians

wiha, kits


Wiha Screwdriver with bit magazine PocketMax® electric mixed with 4 slimBits

wiha, kits


Wiha L-key set in ErgoStar holder Hexagonal ball end MagicRing®, 9-pcs

wiha, kits

Original price was: $109.98.Current price is: $89.98.

Wiha Screwdrivers

Wiha Softfinish/Slimfix 1000V 6pc Screwdriver Set (35389)

wiha, kits


Wiha Fine screwdriver set PicoFinish® slimVario® electric 4-pcs. with slimBits

wiha, kits


Wiha slimBit electric bit set Slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv, PlusMinus/Pozidriv, TORX® 12-pcs. with belt clip (43162)

wiha, kits


Wiha Electric Vehicle Tools

Discover the best tools for servicing Electric Vehicles, specially designed with safety top of mind.

Wiha Ratchet wrench set insulated, 1/4″ 21pcs. in case

wiha, kits


Wiha Ratchet wrench set insulated 1/2” 21pcs. incl. case

wiha, kits


Wiha Ratchet wrench set insulated 3/8” 21-pcs. incl. case

wiha, kits


Kenneth B.
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“Highest German quality you expect. Wiha Tools excel”
John C.
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“One the most perfect tool sets I’ve ever purchased. Fantastic tool for smaller mechanical and electrical jobs. Very high-quality tools that are a pleasure to use!”
Joseph G.
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“High quality, precise tools. As a Director of Engineering, I recognized the high quality of Wiha tools and made them a standard requirement for my engineering team and manufacturing.”
Hayden R.
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“Love it. Really there isn't a better made 6-in-one at this price in my opinion. Top quality.”

Wiha Warranty

All Wiha Tools Australia come with a 5-year warranty, so you can be assured of their lasting quality. If you do encounter any issues with the product, please contact us and we will resolve the matter immediately.

The Promise

Wiha seeks to make daily life much easier for users with a product assortment of innovative hand tool solutions geared towards user needs. 

This is why Wiha Tools Australia develops, designs and manufactures products that meet the strictest requirements for quality, functionality, durability and ergonomic design. 

As a trusted, strategic partner of specialist retailers, Wiha offers a wide range of quality products for the professional segment.