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Wiha Automatic Crimp Tool for Wire-End Sleeves 0.08 – 16mm2


Makes handling easier: 360° rotatable crimping die open on ‘both’ sides for optimal accessibility.

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Makes handling easier: 360° rotatable crimping die open on ‘both’ sides for optimal accessibility.

Increases your efficiency: Pressing power automatically adjusted to the wire end sleeve dimensions.

Increases your efficiency: Covers a large application area from 0.08 – 16 mm².

Lowers your costs: An emergency lever enables users to manually interrupt the crimping process at any time to protect the pliers.

Application: For processing of wire-end sleeves with and without isolating collar according to DIN 46228, EN 50027.

Crimping wire-end sleeves on hard to access cables is usually very challenging in practice. The automatic crimping pliers with square crimping from Wiha come with a 360° rotatable crimping head, which allows front and side access in 45° grids. In addition, the crimping opening is accessible from both sides and can handle wire-end sleeves up to a length of 18mm. With a crimping range from 0.08 to 16mm², the crimp tool from Wiha covers an extensive application range and is also suitable for crimping twin sleeves up to 2x10mm². An automatic crimping function sets the tool automatically to the different cross sections while ensuring that the crimping process is fully implemented. With the emergency release function, the crimping process can be manually interrupted at all times. In addition, the ergonomic soft handles with anti-slip protection allow comfortable operation. The lightweight easy to handle crimp tool with toggle joint technology ensures high power transmission, facilitating your work. Highly rigid special steel guarantees stability and durability.

ESD article No
Overall length (mm) 193 mm
height (mm) 62 mm
Width (mm) 24 mm
Area stripped, cross section min. (mm²) 0.08 mm²
Area stripped, cross section max. (mm²) 16 mm²
Area stripped, cross section min. – max. (mm²) 0.08 – 16
Area stripped min (AWG) 28
Area stripped max (AWG) 5 5
Area stripped (min – max) (AWG) 28-May Min. AWG size 28
Max. AWG size 5
Min. – Max. AWG size 28-May
with battery No

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