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Wiha Clamp Meter up to 1,000VAC, CAT IV

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Simplifies your work: Large LCD display with background illumination for easy to read measurement results.

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Simplifies your work: Large LCD display with background illumination for easy to read measurement results. Increases your safety: Measure live electrical wires without open contacts. Makes handling easier: Easy one-hand testing without electrical circuit interruption. Increases your efficiency: All measurement functions relevant for electricians in a single measuring device. Simplifies your work: An integrated flashlight function ensures optimal illumination. Increases your process reliability: Precise measurement results thanks to LPF and TRUE-RMS measurement. Application: For multi-functional use in different application locations. Standards: CAT IV 1.000 V When working, for example, on electrical systems that cannot be switched off, current measurement is a major challenge. With the measuring caliper from Wiha, the caliper bracket can be used to carry out measurements without interrupting the electrical circuit. Handling is greatly facilitated by the remote single-hand testing. The test tips allow additional tests, voltage measurement in the AC and DC range, as well as resistance, frequency, and capacity measurements. They also allow continuity and diode tests. This multi-functionality significantly increases the efficiency. A large LCD display with background illumination and data hold function makes the measurement results immediately readable even beyond the measurement process. An additional signal sound indicates the current flow during the continuity check. In addition, the measuring caliper from Wiha has an integrated flashlight function, providing optimal illumination conditions even in poorly lit work environments. The LPF function, coupled with the True-RMS function increase the process safety of your test by providing interference-free effective values. According to the measurement category CAT IV up to 1,000 V the measuring caliper offers maximum safety for working directly on the sources of low-voltage installations. IP40

height (mm) 43 mm
Width (mm) 81 mm
Current A DC 400
Current A AC 400
Voltage V AC (max) 1000
Voltage V AC min – max 0 – 1000
Voltage V DC (max) 1500
Voltage V DC min – max 0 – 1500
Resistance (MΩ) 40 40
Capacity (μF) 100 μFFrequency (MHz) 5 MHz
True RMS Yes
Max. measurement Yes
AVG measurement Yes
Background illumination Yes
Min. measurement Yes
Integrated flashlight Yes
Data HOLD Yes

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