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Wiha Continuity Tester 400VAC, CAT II


Simplifies your work: Simple testing thanks to LED display and signal sound.

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Simplifies your work: Simple testing thanks to LED display and signal sound. Simplifies your work: An integrated flashlight function ensures optimal illumination. Increases your flexibility: Quick continuity test up to 20 mA tested current and two large resistance ranges up to 10 Ω and up to 500 kΩ. Dimensions: 9.0 x 7.5 cm Application: For testing electrical connections, components, and equipment. Standards: CAT II 400V Was the installation carried out correctly? With the continuity tester from Wiha, electrical circuits and electrical consumers can be quickly and easily tested for continuity. Thanks to a signal sound and LED display the continuity measurement is easy to read. If the device is not in use for 30 seconds, it automatically switches off to save energy. In addition, the continuity tester from Wiha has an integrated flashlight function, providing optimal illumination conditions even in poorly lit working environments. Both in the area of tested current and in various resistance areas, the continuity tester from Wiha offers reliable test results coupled with maximum safety according to CAT II up to 400 V. EN 61010-1, IP40, CE

height (mm) 31 mm
Width (mm) 75 mm
Resistance (text field) Range 1: 0 to 500 kΩ / Range 2: 0 to 10 Ω
Testing current (text field) Range 1: < 5 µA / Range 2: < 20 mA
Automatic switch on Yes
Continuity check LED and beep
Overvoltage protection 400 V AC / DC (30s)
2 measurement ranges 0 – 500 kΩ and 0 – 10 Ω
Protection class IP 40 IP 40
Operating temperature 0°C – 40°C Acoustic signal Yes
Optical signal Yes
with battery Yes
Battery type (IEC designation) 2x AAA batteries
Number of cells 2
Battery voltage (V) 1.5 V
Battery capacity (mAh) 1300 mAh
Battery capacity (Ah) 1.3 Ah

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