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Wiha Digital Multimeter up to 1,000VAC, CAT IV


Simplifies your work: Effective values due to True RMS function facilitate the right application.

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Simplifies your work: Effective values due to True RMS function facilitate the right application. Increases your efficiency: Quick result finding based on minimum and maximum values. Simplifies your work: Large LCD display with bar graph and background illumination as well as signal sound for easy to read measurement results. Makes handling easier: Automatic measuring range setting saves the manual pre-selection. Simplifies your work: Simplifies storage and relative value measurement and expedites the comparison of measured values. Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 45 mm Application: For multi-functional use in different application locations. Standards: CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V Are you looking for a multimeter that covers the relevant measurement variables needed during the workday of an electrician? The digital multimeter from Wiha optimally equips you for a wide variety of measurements. This single tool can be used to make voltage, current, resistance, frequency, capacity, and temperature measurements. In addition, continuity and diode tests are also possible. A large LCD display with background illumination and data hold function makes the measurement results immediately readable even beyond the measurement process. The additional bar graph display ensures the quick and clear recognition of changes. An additional signal sound indicates the current flow during the continuity check. Thanks to the automatic measuring range selection, the manual pre-selection of specific measurement ranges is no longer required. The Measurement of TRUE-RMS values facilitates the application of the measurement results. The storage of previous measurement values and their comparison to future measurement results allows various control options. Add to this optimal result finding through the generation of minimum and maximum values. According to the measurement categories CAT III up to 1000 V AC and CAT IV up to 600 V, the digital multimeter from Wiha offers maximum safety for working on building installations and directly on the sources of low-voltage installations. EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-033, EN 61010-031, IP40, CE

height (mm) 45 mm
Width (mm) 80 mm
Current A DC 10
Current A AC 10
Voltage V AC (max) 1000
Voltage V AC min – max 0 – 1000
Voltage V DC (max) 1000
Voltage V DC min – max 0 – 1000
Resistance (MΩ) 200 200
Capacity (mF) 60 mFFrequency (MHz) 60 MHz
Contamination level 2
True RMS Yes
Measurement range selection automatic / manual
Max. measurement Yes
Battery status display Yes
Relative value measurement Yes
Background illumination Yes

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