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Wiha Electrician’s hammer with 300 g hammer head 283 mm (42071)


Simplifies your work: Flat claws allow you to remove nails and nail clamps easily.


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SKU: 42071

Simplifies your work: Flat claws allow you to remove nails and nail clamps easily.

Increases your efficiency: Perfect balance thanks to optimum weight distribution for effective handling.

Improved access: Perfectly suited for use in confined working environments thanks to the combination of a square and round head shape.

Increases the quality of your work: The flat surface on the hammer handle ensures cables and dowels are fitted into position without causing any damage.

Application: Easily removes nails and nail clamps or positions cables and dowels. Ideal for use in a confined working environment.

It’s difficult to access confined spaces and corners with a conventional fitter’s hammer and all too often unsightly marks are left on the surrounding surfaces. That’s not the case with Wiha’s electrician’s hammer. With its U-shaped striking surface, it provides optimum access to tight spaces. This hammer unites ergonomic handling, balanced weight distribution and the ability to remove fastening elements such as nail clamps. With its optimally uniform weight distribution, it promises perfect balance, delivering impact and fatigue-free work. The flat, straight claws on the hammer head enable users to remove nail clamps even from difficult-to-reach spots and pull nails quickly and easily from the wall. The flat surface on the hammer handle means cables and dowels are positioned effectively without causing any damage to the wall. Thanks to the ergonomically designed, non-slip handle, the electrician’s hammer fits perfectly into the hand, ensuring a secure hold when striking.

ESD article No
Overall length (mm) 283 mm
Hammer head height 23.9 mm
with battery No

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