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Wiha Heavy-duty diagonal cutters Industrial with DynamicJoint® with switchable opening spring 200 mm, 8″ (41327)


Simplifies your work: Up to 40% more cutting force thanks to optimised leverage.

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SKU: 41327

Simplifies your work: Up to 40% more cutting force thanks to optimised leverage.

Protects your health: Special DynamicJoint® design reduces effort required for cutting.

Protects your health: Reduces strain from continuous work thanks to opening spring.

Application: Power-assisted all-round diagonal cutter for cutting soft to extremely hard wires and cables.

Cutting many cables and wires to length over a long period requires a great deal of force and causes considerable strain on wrists. Wiha heavy-duty diagonal cutters with a Classic handle provide effortless cutting for tough usage. The plier joint with DynamicJoint® ensures hand force is optimally applied when cutting, providing up to 40% greater cutting force. With their semi-circular head, these powerful pliers also guarantee a clean cut edge. The heavy-duty diagonal cutters are especially suited to applications in the field of mechanics.

DIN ISO 5749.

ESD article No
Diameter max 2.8 mm
Overall length (Inch) 8″
Overall length (mm) 200 mm
Cutting force 19
Medium-hard wire 4.2 mm
Hard wire 3 mm
with battery No

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