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Wiha Industrial electric heavy-duty diagonal cutters with DynamicJoint® with switchable opening spring 200 mm, 8″ (41330)


Simplifies your work: Up to 40% more cutting force thanks to optimised leverage.

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SKU: 41330

Simplifies your work: Up to 40% more cutting force thanks to optimised leverage.

Protects your health: Reduces strain from continuous work thanks to opening spring.

Protects your health: Special DynamicJoint® design reduces effort required for cutting.

Lowers your costs: Durable thanks to high-quality, chrome-plated plier surface to prevent corrosion.

Offers you full protection: Each tool individually tested at 10,000 V AC and approved for 1,000 V AC.

Application: Power-assisted all-round diagonal cutter for cutting soft to extremely hard wires and cables.

Standards: Manufactured acc. to IEC 60900.

Cutting many cables and wires to length over a long period requires a great deal of force and causes considerable strain on wrists. Wiha heavy-duty diagonal cutters with a two-component handle provide effortless cutting for tough usage. The plier joint with DynamicJoint® ensures hand force is optimally applied when cutting, providing up to 40% greater cutting force. Its triggered opening spring allows the user to work effortlessly for long periods of time. With their semi-circular head, these powerful pliers also guarantee a clean cut edge. The ergonomically shaped plier handle ensures comfortable, fatigue-proof work. These heavy-duty diagonal cutters are also manufactured as per the international IEC 60900 standard and are thus approved for working on live parts up to 1,000 V AC. These heavy-duty diagonal cutters are the ideal tool for applications in the field of electrics.

DIN ISO 5749.

Self service – packing Yes
ESD article No
Diameter max 2.8 mm
Overall length (Inch) 8″
Overall length (mm) 200 mm
Cutting force 19
Medium-hard wire 4.2 mm
Hard wire 3 mm
Hardened spring steel 2.5 2.5
with battery No

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