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Wiha L-key set in Classic holder Hexagonal ball end, 9-pcs. black oxidised in SB-cardboard packaging (03992)


Saves space: Compact and space-saving solution.


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SKU: 03992

Saves space: Compact and space-saving solution.

Simplifies your work: The ball end facilitates access to screws and allows you to work at an angle of up to 25°.

Application: Especially for screws that are difficult to access.

Extra: The ball end enables the user to work at angles up to 25°.

Extra: Common key sizes are stored in the holder where they are easily seen.

Extra: Simple, rapid operation with solid stopping point for L-keys.

Blade: Chrome-vanadium steel, through-hardened, bronzed.

Based on ISO 2936L.


  • 1x L-keys 1.5 mm (05638)
  • 1x L-keys 2.0 mm (03868)
  • 1x L-keys 2.5 mm (03869)
  • 1x L-keys 3.0 mm (03870)
  • 1x L-keys 4.0 mm (03871)
  • 1x L-keys 5.0 mm (03872)
  • 1x L-keys 6.0 mm (03873)
  • 1x L-keys 8.0 mm (03874)
  • 1x L-keys 10.0 mm (03875)
  • 1x Classic holder

ESD article No
with battery No

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