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Wiha Rotational field indicator 100 – 700 V AC, CAT IV (45221)


Simplifies your work: LED display for easy to read measurement results.

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SKU: 45221

Simplifies your work: LED display for easy to read measurement results.

Increases your efficiency: Simple determination of the rotary field and phase indication in a single tool.

Increases your flexibility: Testing tips for variable application options.

Dimensions: 93 x 75 x 31 mm

Application: Determination of the rotation direction and monitoring the phases.

Standards: CAT IV 600V

Determining the direction of rotation in a three-phase power supply to check electrical connections? Not a problem with the Wiha rotational field indicator with integrated phase display. The rotation direction as well as the live phases are reliably indentified with the help of an LED display. In combination with the included test tips, the rotation indicator from Wiha offers great testing flexibility. The rotational field indicator works with the mains voltage itself, so no batteries are required. According to the measurement category CAT III up to 1,000 V and CAT IV up to 600 V the rotation indicator offers maximum safety for working directly on the source of low voltage installations.

IEC/EN 61010-1, IEC/EN 61577-7, IEC/EN 611010-031, IP40

height (mm) 31 mm
Width (mm) 75 mm
Voltage V AC (min) 100
Voltage V AC (max) 700
Voltage V AC min – max 100 – 700
Voltage V DC (min) 100
Voltage V DC (max) 700
Voltage V DC min – max 100 – 700
Current input 3.5 3.5
Max. input voltage per phase (Lx) against neutral (N) 400 VMeasuring lines 3
Contamination level 2
LED and signal sound Yes
Phase display LED L1, L2, L3
Warning LED warning
Voltage range phase against phase 100V – 700V
Height above sea level 2000m
Measuring category CAT IV 600 V

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