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Wiha Non-Contact Voltage Tester Volt Detector, Explosion Protected 12-1,000VAC

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Increases your efficiency: Integrated powerful LED flashlight.

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Increases your efficiency: Integrated powerful LED flashlight. Saves time: Rapid voltage test thanks to contactless measuring. Increases your flexibility: The voltage tester covers a large voltage range from 12 – 1,000 V AC. Increases your efficiency: Compatible for use in all sockets worldwide thanks to measurement tip suited to international usage. Application: For the detection and localization of live conductors, cable interruptions and cable breaks, blown fuses, defective lamps on light strings, as well as detection of individual wires. Measuring category: CAT IV 1,000 V Standards: EPS 22 UKEX 1 333 X, EPS 19 ATEX 1 223 X Prior to the start of electrical installations, electricians must ensure that the work environment is voltage free. A voltage tester is needed for testing alternating electrical fields or detecting potential error sources. Thanks to its optical and acoustic signal, the non-contact Wiha voltage tester indicates whether or not there is any voltage. After switching on, the permanently green illuminated LED indicates readiness. During the voltage test, depending on the strength of the electrical alternating field, the LEDs are illuminated from blue (weak), ‘to’ orange, to red (strong). Two AAA batteries are required for use, which are included in the scope of delivery. If the device is not in use for 4 minutes, it switches off automatically to save energy. An integrated LED flashlight allows illumination of the measurement site in the dark and can also be used as a flashlight by manually switching it on and off. Thanks to its convenient size the voltage tester with push-on clip fits comfortably in any shirt or pant pocket. With its internationally adjustable measuring tip, the voltage tester is suitable for all outlet variations around the world. The single-pole voltage tester complies with the EN 61010-1 / IEC 61326 standard and is compatible with CAT IV 1,000 VAC. Furthermore,the tool is approved according to the ATEX standard for use in explosive areas (category II). The device should be tested on a known voltage source before and after use to ensure its functionality. EN 61010-1, IEC 61326, IP67

ESD article No
Handle diameter 28.5 mm
Overall length (mm) 150 mm
Voltage V AC (min) 12
Voltage V AC (max) 1000
Voltage V AC min – max 12 – 1000
ATEX approval Yes
Integrated flashlight Yes
Remote voltage test Yes Yes
Measuring category CAT IV 1.000 V Protection class IP 67
Operating temperature -20 – 40°C
Acoustic signal Yes
with battery Yes
Battery type (IEC designation) 2x AAA batteries
Number of cells 2
Battery voltage (V) 1.5 V
Battery capacity (mAh) 1300 mAh

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