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Wiha Soft-faced hammer FibreBuzz® dead-blow, very hard with replaceable hammer face 40, 320 mm (44598)


Increases your efficiency: Perfect balance thanks to optimum weight distribution for effective handling.

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SKU: 44598

Increases your efficiency: Perfect balance thanks to optimum weight distribution for effective handling.

Meets your requirements: Long-lasting and robust thanks to fibre-glass-reinforced plastic.

Protects your health: Deadblow Hammering without recoil minimises loads on joints, tendons and muscles.

Lowers your costs: In case of misses, the full plastic casing protects the work pieces from damage.

Makes handling easier: Very tight, secure grip even with oily and wet hands thanks to the non-slip handle.

Application: For the controlled positioning and joining of work pieces.
The white hammer faces are ideal for metal processing, tool and mold construction, mounting and dismantling in the construction sector, as well as gardening and landscaping.

Especially on delicate surfaces, choosing the right hammer is crucial to avoid damage. The soft-faced hammer dead-blow allows the user to deliver measured positioning blows, protecting delicate surfaces and edges through its high-impact effect. The special metal ball filling in the hammer head helps the soft-faced hammer to work completely without recoil and in a way’ that is easy on the joints. Furthermore, the hammer impresses with its high-quality plastic fiberglass handle, which, in addition to its low weight, has an almost unbreakable robustness due to the hollow handle design and thus guarantees durability. The fully encased fibre-glass reinforced hammer handle made of polyamide ensures high protection against potential damage, should, for example metal parts come in contact with the processed work pieces. In addition, the powerful connection between the hammer head and handle ensures greatest safety while working and the shatter-proof nylon heads can be independently replaced at any time. The rubber coating of the ergonomically shaped multi-component handle ensures a tight and secure grip that guarantees full control even when used with oily or wet hands. The ergonomic handle design is easy on the joints with every movement. The impact protection integrated into the special design simultaneously safeguards the work piece as well as the hammer from damage.

GS standard acc. to DIN 5134

ESD article No
Diameter Hammer face 40
Technical weight (g) 730 g
Overall length (mm) 320 mm
Hammer head height 120 mm
with battery No

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